Hashmap in Collections framework in Java

HashMap HashMap is HashTable based implementation of Map. This is the reason why interviewer always ask for difference between HashMap and HashTable. HashMap is mostly equals to HashTable except below two differences. HashMap is unsynchronized while HashTable is synchronised. HashMap permits null while HashTable doesn’t. Important Property of HashMap DEFAULT_INITIAL_CAPACITY  : Default Initial Capacity(2 power n). … Continue reading Hashmap in Collections framework in Java

Artifacts of the Liferay(User, Sites, Usergroup and organization in Liferay)

Users Users are key entity in Liferay portal. In Liferay portal, users are associated with site / organization / usergroups. They have different roles Site (Till Liferay 6.0 this was know as Community) Liferay provides provision of Site. Site in Liferay represents web site that has page, content , users and other functionality. Generally any … Continue reading Artifacts of the Liferay(User, Sites, Usergroup and organization in Liferay)

Java 8 : A complete guide

Welcome to my introduction to Java 8. This tutorial guides you step by step through all new language features. Backed by short and simple code samples you’ll learn how to use default interface methods, lambda expressions, method references and repeatable annotations. At the end of the article you’ll be familiar with the most recent API … Continue reading Java 8 : A complete guide

Liferay tutorial websites(Liferay related resources)

http://www.liferay.com/university http://dev.liferay.com/ http://alloyui.com/ http://www.liferaysolution.com/ http://liferayportaltutorial.wordpress.com http://www.opensource-techblog.com/ http://hanafiisa.blogspot.in/ http://abhishek-liferay.blogspot.in/ http://arunkumarsrm.blogspot.in/ http://vforliferay.blogspot.in/ https://liferaytech.wordpress.com/ http://www.liferaysavvy.com/ http://innovationliferay.blogspot.in/ http://www.neethuarun.com http://liferay-blogging.blogspot.in http://liferayguru.blogspot.in/ http://sushilsaini.wordpress.com/ http://liferaytutorialpoint.blogspot.in/ http://www.javaexperience.com/tutorials/liferay/ http://liferaysatish.blogspot.in http://liferaycms.wordpress.com/ http://www.opensourceforlife.com/ http://blog.wasimshaikh.com/category/liferay/ http://www.serkey.com/tag/liferay-tutorials/ http://tirthalpatel.blogspot.in/ http://liferayhello.blogspot.in/ http://www.serkey.com/tag/liferay-tutorials/ http://www.javabeat.net/tutorials/liferay-portal/ http://www.roytuts.com/?s=liferay http://www.javalobby.org/articles/liferay/ http://www.theserverside.com/search/query?start=0&filter=1&q=liferay http://liferaydeveloper.blogspot.in/ http://www.javaexperience.com/tutorials/liferay/ http://www.opensourceforu.com/?s=liferay Continue reading Liferay tutorial websites(Liferay related resources)

Adding Custom Language to Liferay Portal

Steps to Add Non local language(Not Default languages) in Liferay portal:- Go to Control panel. Go to Settings Go to Display settings In display setting liferay provide a list of codes of default languages provided by liferay. Just add the language you want to be there with languagecode_countrycode(eg: hi_IN(Hindi from India)). Save these settings.(After this … Continue reading Adding Custom Language to Liferay Portal